Weight Watchers New PointsPlus 2012 Program

Losing weight is the goal of any overweight person. Weight Watchers has been offering a holistic, healthy way to lose those extra pounds. It uses a points-based system to help you track your food intake easily and make perfect food choices. They help you select the right types of foods-foods that keep you full for long. This has been the role of Weight Watchers for the last 40 years; helping millions of people all over the world lose weight. Guided by its great four fundamental pillars: helpful habits; get support; move more and eat smarter, endless success stories are being told each day.

In 2012, its experts have come up with a new program: the PointPlus 2012. The lifestyle regimen has scaled new heights. It is supported and advertised by the iconic Jenifer Hudson. The program combines the most advanced nutritional and diet science with the tested and proven Weight Watchers approaches to develop effective systems for making satisfying, healthy choices.

PointPlus 2012 Works Because of These Features:

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  • Healthy Choices – Though dedicated to weight loss, the program teaches its followers to live healthy lifestyles.
  • Power Foods – You can actually stick with the power foods instead of spending a lot of money on ineffective food fads. The power foods enable you go through your day without accumulating calories on your body.
  • Latest Science – PointsPlus 2012 is an incredible lifestyle regimen supported by the latest nutritional science. It assures users of the latest science concerning weight loss and lifestyle.
  • No Food Requirements – The program doesn’t require its followers to purchase varying expensive meals or snacks. One is only required to follow its regimen and witness the results!
  • Fruits and Vegetables – the program urges its followers to take these highly nutritious foods to their satiety levels. They contain vitamins which helps you to invigorate your body.
  • A Customized Plan – PointsPlus 2012 is based on the knowledge that each person has a unique lifestyle and structure. It can be customized to suit your daily routine and lifestyle so as not to stress your body and mind.
  • A Fitness Goal – signing up for the PointsPlus 2012 weight loss program comes with a promise that you will achieve your ultimate goal: weight loss.

On an interesting note, unlike many other weight loss programs, Weight Watchers provides programs for men too. These are similar to the women programs but are individualized in their individual content. Men approach weight loss differently. Weight Watchers gives them all the requisite tolls to help them lose weight successfully.